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Vidnami Alternative: Noble Samurai is Closing Vidnami for Good

After years of using and promoting Vidnami, I’ll have to find a new video creation software. Noble Samurai, the company behind Vidnami is discontinuing the software and not replacing it. In fact, they sold the video software to GoDaddy. Essentially, GoDaddy plans to integrate Vidnami into global platform.

Vidnami Customer Impact

On July 20, Noble Samurai will be canceling monthly subscription payments. However, current customers will still have access to the software until August 20. Until then, customers can use the software as usual and get any videos not previously downloaded.

If you purchased a Vidnami subscription in the last 30 days, you’ll need to request a refund by emailing

Vidnami Affiliate Impact

Any Vidnami affiliates will still receive any owed commissions. Obviously, once customers are not paying, commissions will stop.

Vidnami affiliate sales links will stop working by July 5 and will redirect to a web page explaining the change.

Why did Vidnami Sell?

Noble Samurai is a small Australia-based company, so the resources and funding to improve Vidnami were hard to come by. GoDaddy will decide if further development will happen in the future. Ideally, the crew at Noble Samurai will be involved.

The acquisition by GoDaddy should be complete by the end of the year.  

By going to this Vidnami link – Important News | Vidnami – you can sign up for updates regarding the GoDaddy integration.

While none of the following tools are a direct replacement for Vidnami, they may help meet the needs of your business while we are completing our integration into GoDaddy Studio.

Vidnami Alternative

If you are currently making videos with Vidnami or want to start marketing content videos on YouTube or Facebook, here are some Vidnami alternatives:

The Awesome Features of Vidnami

Well, as already stated, Vidnami is going away on August 20. However, the videos were not only easy to make but also beautiful.

Using AI technology, Vidnami took any script and turned into a video within minutes. The videos were attention-grabbing and engaging, especially on Facebook and Twitter. They could even help you rank better on YouTube and Google.

Vidnami could also add transcriptions to the videos automatically. The software took your text and laid it out beautifully for the viewer.

One of the best parts of Vidnami was effortless editing. The software took your script, selected music, and/or voice track and combined everything together with a click of a button.

You could also add your logo, images, and video clips to personalize the final video. Fonts and colors could also be changed with a few clicks.

Over 30,000 royalty-free music tracks were also included in a Vidnami subscription. Finding the perfect music was never a problem.

Since 2013, Vidnami helped generate over 2 million of videos for business and personal use. However, the Vidnami run is essentially done. So, I’m off to find another video creating service!

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