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Using Content to Fuel Your Network Marketing Business

Whatever you’re calling it — network marketing, MLM, or direct sales — you’re probably on social media sharing information and images approved by corporate. You’re likely spamming your link to everyone and one step away from getting banned.

You and a Thousand Other People

You love the products that you sell, and there is no need to pretend otherwise. However, you’re selling the exact same product at the same price and in the same packaging as thousands of other people. Not only that, but you must also follow the same rules regarding legal language about your products and your business opportunity, which further hinders your ability to stand out from the crowd.

Why would anyone choose to buy a product from your company over any other representative? Of course, your best friend or cousin will buy from you. But, beyond that, why should anyone else?

Prospects must be interested not only in your product or company but you. They want to know you and why you are in network marketing. The want to know if you are the person to lead them. Simply put, they want to join but need to know, like, and respect you before jumping onboard.

Content Marketing Builds You as a Brand

Content marketing is the consistent creation of unique blog posts, videos, and social media posts that attract engagement. It is often the difference between a struggling network marketer and one living the dream lifestyle.

However, producing content every day or week can be frustrating and time-consuming. Many new business builders spend long nights and weekends producing videos and writing blog posts. Often frustration sets because the time spent shows little results.

But hang in there, the leads will come. Content marketing does work – it just takes patience – a lot of patience. In the long term, creating one-of-a-kind blog posts and videos leads to increased engagement and brand building.

Eventually, people will be asking to join you and your company. You’ll no longer have to beg someone to show up for a webinar. They’ll seek you out and ask how to join. The lifestyle you were promised by network marketing will finally be within your reach.

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