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This Is How You Stop Failing at Network Marketing

Network marketing can be extremely lucrative or excruciatingly frustrating. You join an opportunity and sell its opportunity to make more money, get more time freedom, and live the life you want. At least, that’s the sales pitch.

However, remember that any work-from-home opportunity does actually require work. Yes, you actually have to invest time and money as well as talk to people – a lot of people. Many marketers quit before ever realizing the dream.

Treat Your Network Marketing Business as a Business

Now, many of these excited MLMers miss a couple of key aspects to reach success, defined as a large team, walk-away residual income, and leadership status. The real reason they miss out is by forgetting to treat their opportunity like an actual business.

Many new marketers sign up, order product, and invite as many people as possible to the company’s next Opportunity Meeting. Of course, this is what a new recruit is trained to do, and the easy 3 steps can actually work when done right.

Unfortunately, most people that you invite do not care about you or your company. You only end up with a bunch of no shows to your webinar.

How Self-Branding Changes Everything

Unless you set yourself apart from the thousands of other companies and people selling an MLM opportunity, you’ll never grow a successful business. That is where self-branding comes in.

For success, you must set yourself apart from the competition – others selling the same opportunity/products as you. Spamming your link all over Facebook doesn’t do it and will probably get you banned. You accomplish self-branding by becoming an authority, or someone your prospect likes and respects.

Creating Content to Attract Eager Recruits

One way very common way – it is common because it works so well – to build you as a brand and create authority is content creation. Producing videos and blog articles that teach, tell, and persuade and posting them on social media is the most effective form of influence.

With consistency and patience (a lot of patience), a small following will turn into an avalanche of leads and prospects eager to join you on a webinar about the latest online network marketing opportunity. Instead of begging others to watch a 10-minute video, you’ll have enthusiastic recruits asking you to send them the presentation or even how to get started. People will want to join you and buy from you.

Content marketing is truly the secret to building a prosperous network marketing opportunity. Unfortunately, many home-based business owners never truly experience the power of this technique because they think it is too hard or they don’t have the skills. The good news is that technology has made content creation easy and quick. Anyone with a word process (Microsoft Word), a video camera, and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) can do it.

So, stop spamming links and talking to people who won’t ever join you. Start creating some simple content (articles and videos) and attract people who actually want to talk to you. Build a team of successful, like-minded entrepreneurs and live the life you deserve.

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