How To Write About Your Business Without Ever Typing a Word

Undoubtedly, every business today needs to have a presence online and creating a blog site is a great way to create that presence. A blog is an excellent way to promote your business, share product knowledge and connect with current and potential customers. Today, it’s important for customers to know that the company cares about them and be able to reach them on a more personal level. A blog is a great way to do that.

Yet, what if you do not have the time or skill to consistently update and maintain your blog?

Many business owners need to be doing what they do best – building and growing their business. They often do not have the time or the skill to add content on a consistent basis.  This is why many hire a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter can provide fresh, new content to your blog that you future or present customers will want to read.  Providing new content will keep visitors coming back to your site for new information about your business or product.

When people think of a ghostwriter, they often think of celebrities or politicians having books written for them. While that is true in most cases, many businesses employ the services of a ghostwriter as well. Ghostwriting is actually a very common practice.

A ghostwriter is someone who write articles or other content that fits the theme of the blog and/or business. You, as the business owner, will not have to spend  countless hours of research, writing, and re-writing content. A ghostwriter will do that and the business owner will receive full rights to the article and can claim authorship.

Is hiring a ghost writer a good investment?

As a business owner, you know what your time is really worth. While it is true you can get content for free by writing it yourself, writing your own blog posts requires time and effort. First you will need to generate a topic to write about, research, and fact-check then the writing can begin.

Many owners get caught up in the day to day activity of running the business and don’t dedicate the time needed to write good content. Having outdated or inconsistent information on your blog site, can leave the wrong impression with your visitors.  A ghostwriter can provide new, refreshing content for you without you ever having to write one single word.  And it’s not nearly as much money as you think.

Hiring a contracted ghostwriter will not cost you thousands of dollars. Typically, ghostwriters who write blog posts or short articles, charge by the word or word length of the article. For example, .03 -.10 per word or $15 – $50 for a 500 word article. Depending on who you hire, having consistent, relevant blog posts would be less than $200 a month. As many business already know, the increase in website traffic  and exposure to new customers is well worth the investment.

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John HouckJohn Houck