Get Noticed: This Powerful Strategy Attracts Leads And Sales On Facebook, Twitter

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Business owners and home-based entrepreneurs have a major problem, especially right now. Most know and want to market their business on social media but are not finding much success.

They post and post, but little is returned. The posts are not liked, and no one engages.

The issue is most posts are never seen or simply scrolled over and not noticed. People (potential prospects) are inundated with other posts and just are not motivated to stop and look.

Fortunately, there is away to combat that invisibility. Video is not only growing on YouTube (exponentially, by the way), but also on Facebook and Twitter. It used to be image posts got the most attention. However, video posts have taken over.

People will stop, at least for a moment, if a video catches their eye. This is the perfect time for a marketer to strike. You have their eyeballs for 10 seconds and your flashy video is the reason.

Creating video used to be hard. You needed expensive equipment, actors, voice-overs, and money – lots of it.

Today, technology has eliminated those requirements. Software can do a lot of the heavy lifting, and because of capitalism, the software is very affordable.

Business owners, network marketers, and other home-based businesses need to have a presence on social media. It is crucial, and there is no way around it. People looking for products and services go to social media first – even before Google.

To be one of those businesses that actually uses social media successfully, you need to be noticed. Videos, even short 15-second ones, will do that.

The days of the short, snappy text posts are over. Even posting images and memorable quotes are seeing their last days. Video is the now and the future.

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