Can you make money with cbd oil

Can You Make Money With CBD Oil?

You see it everywhere.

At the gas station…

At the mall…

At coffee shops…

It seems like you can buy CBD oil just about anywhere (except Walmart & Amazon).

CBD has many promised health benefits, from joint pain relief to anxiety relief to seizure control.

The reasons to use it are numerous, and countless people have flocked to the supplement.

With so many places selling it, it must be working.

CBD oil has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with no signs of slowing down.

So, can you make money with CBD Oil?

Marketing and promoting CBD oil and making money can be done.

You can buy it wholesale and sell it online

You set up a wholesale account and buy CBD oil in bulk. You set the price and run promotions. You have more control.

To open a wholesale account, most manufacturers are going to require proof of a business license, permits, and location where the CBD will be sold. You’ll also need to store the product somewhere. You’ll need a place to sell it, either from your home or a storefront.

A huge roadblock to wholesaling is upfront cost. The producer will require you to buy a specified amount of product, which will run you thousands of dollars.

Sign up to be an affiliate for a top CBD manufacturer or retailer

Affiliate marketing has low startup cost. Most CBD affiliate programs let you sign up for free. Yet, there are still marketing costs to think about.

Typically, the sponsoring company will handle product inventory, shipping, and even customer service! Just about anyone can make money with CBD oil with little effort or money invested through an affiliate program.

Network marketing

There are numerous MLM companies that have jumped on the CBD oil trend, many of which represent high-quality products.

Getting started with network marketing is relatively easy. You sign up through their website, and you’re in business.

Some MLM companies have a small start-up fee but many do not. Of course, marketing costs are still a factor. You’ll need some funds to advertise.

The big difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing is the ability to build a team. You recruit other sales associates, and you make a commission on everything they sell on top of what you personally sell. You get the potential of walk-away income.

As see can see, it is quite easy to take advantage of the CBD oil trend and make some money. Right now seems to be a lucrative time to be in the CBD business.

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