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100% Unique Content

Keep your blog or website fresh with unique and engaging content focused 100% on pets.

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Attract new website visitors and more calls with keyword-rich and search engine optimized articles.

Brand Authority

Your name is on all the content, so you are seen as the expert by customers.

Focus on Growth

Relax and focus on what you’re good at – your business – while the writing is taken care of.

I’m John, a freelance writer & entrepreneur

Unique content with your name on it

Don’t waste time trying to write your own blog posts when you can have a professional writer handle it for you!

With 10 years of writing experience alongside 20 years working with pets of all kinds, I can fill your blog site with content that engages your customers and drives more traffic to your business.

Let me take care of everything for you

I provide a professional writing service that can help you grow your pet business. I will craft 100% unique content for your blog site, ensuring that your business stands out from the competition. With my writing expertise and SEO optimization, you can rest assured that your blog site will be filled with content that your customers will love.

My Approach

Content Plan

I have extensive experience and knowledge in pet health. Using that experience, I can tailor a content plan specifically for your business.

Write Articles

Following the content plan, I write customer-focused, informative articles related to the health and well-being of pets. While there is a slight focus on SEO for ranking purposes, my articles are written for readers to enjoy and actually learn something.

Post on Blog

The articles will be either sent directly to you or I can even post them directly to your WordPress blog. Don’t have a blog? I can help with that as well.

Don’t wait to start growing your pet business – contact me today and take the first step towards success.

With my professional writing skills, I can help you reach a whole new level of success. My unique content will engage your customers and help you drive more traffic to your business. Get started today and let me handle the content creation for you!

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