‘Missoutitis’: How SMS Marketing Generates Endless Leads For Your Business

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Your potential customers suffer from “missoutitis,” and you can use this to get more leads and customers. With SMS marketing, you can use the fear of “missing out” to cut through the clutter of the internet and putting your business smack in a prospect’s face.

When you first started your business, you were excited to enter a new phase in life. You were excited at the thought of doing what you love and possibly living a life most only dream of.  Now, how do you get others to look and eventually buy your product?

Marketing a business can be frustrating, confusing, and often expensive. There is a lot of trial and error. When starting out, most businesses have a small budget for promoting and need the biggest bang for the buck. And, as pretty much every business discovers, spending money on the wrong marketing can drain the life out of the company quickly.

Many new entrepreneurs turn to social media, like Facebook, because you can contact potential customers for free. You probably posted about your business on Facebook or Instagram and thought everyone else would be just as excited about it as you. Yet, barely anyone, except maybe the owner’s mom, responded or even cared.

The bottom line – unless you have a significant number of people following you and begging to read your latest update or got a big marketing wallet to buy ads, Facebook marketing can be a huge, maddening fail. There are just way too many distractions on social media to be noticed. And, quite frankly, people on Facebook are not generally very friendly to marketing messages.

So, is there an equally effective alternative?

SMS marketing, otherwise known as text message marketing, is a very effective and highly affordable way to generate leads and get new customers.

Every day, no matter where we go, we see people staring blankly down at their phone. They can’t help it!

Many of them, likely all of them really, suffer from “missoutitis.” This infectious condition causes one to feel anxious, or even fearful, whenever the phone beeps or chirps – they have an overwhelming need to check the message.

Using SMS marketing, you can take advantage of missoutitis. Sending a text message to a potential lead or customer will seize their immediate attention and get your company/product directly in front of their face. Email and telephone calls can’t do that like they used to.

Not only is SMS marketing effective at generating new leads, but it is also far less complicated than trying to figure a social media strategy. It is as simple as crafting a simple message and hitting send – like an email except much shorter and receivers of your message are far more likely to read it.

Several companies provide SMS marketing services at various price points. One powerful and low-cost option is SMS Phone Leads. They charge a one-time fee for a phone number to use for text messages. They also have a monthly option to send hundreds (or thousands depending on the plan chosen) of text messages daily with your message to valid phone numbers.

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