An Easy Way To Get People To Join Your MLM Business Free Of Rejection

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Get more mlm leads with branding.

For over 20 years, I have signed up with quite a few network marketing companies and have built several successful teams. My MLM career started long before the internet or Facebook changed the way to find leads for a business.

To promote my first company, I used a combination of postcards, the telephone, and the 3-foot rule. Now, much of my marketing includes capture pages, email, Facebook, and well, still the telephone.

While promotion methods may have changed, I noticed one thing that did not. This one consistent and enduring truth emerged with the birth of network marketing and remains true to this very day. Now more than ever…

They join YOU

Humans need social connection. They don’t get emotional over a brochure, a pretty website, a compensation plan, or even a system.

While some of these help attract and filter prospects, far too many network marketers put too much faith in their power. They often rely on these methods to recruit or sell their product. Yet, unless they are generating a massive amount of traffic (and I mean MASSIVE), little or no results are ever realized.

People don’t join your company and they don’t buy into systems…

It typically doesn’t take long for the marketers to get discouraged and quit. Or, more likely, move to another company with the next biggest promise.

Many forget, or simply never been taught, that experienced networkers SELL themselves. They don’t get caught up in trying to explain the comp plan and wonderful the leadership team is. They NEVER show pictures of fancy sports cars and mansions owned by their upline.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t try to convince a prospect their company is the best there ever was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. They don’t promote the products are the best formulated, the top performing, or even the least expensive.

By the way… I have done ALL those things.

After all these years, I found one very powerful way to SELL yourself. This one method can bring you endless prospects and anxious recruits will seek you out.

You must brand YOU

You must position yourself as a leader and authority in the market. You don’t brand the company, the products, or the compensation plan.

You must stand out in a crowd of thousands of other network marketers that look just like you. Go on Facebook and try searching for any network marketing company. Just pick one, any one of them….

What you’ll find are network marketers blasting their opportunity and products all over and everyone looks the same. So, who do new recruits end up joining?

The one that connects with them.

People want to join the marketer who has something “different” from the others. A person looking to join a business will ultimately buy YOUR leadership, YOUR conviction, and YOUR credibility.

Through branding, you become an authority essentially on auto-pilot. People start flocking to you like a pack of young girls at a Justin Bieber concert.

Want to experience celebrity status with your business and more MLM leads than you can handle? Grab a copy of Attraction Marketing Formula.

Inside you’ll learn exactly, step-by-step, how to brand yourself and your business. By implementing the strategies revealed in the book, you will be using the same methods that finally led me to success in MLM, allowed me to leave my 9-to-5 job and do what I really love.

The John Houck

the john houck

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