Content Creation Software – A Network Marketer’s Dream or a Bust?

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When trying to build a blog site for a network marketing business, many inexperienced distributors invest their hard earned or borrowed money into content creation software that purportedly can write unique, original articles to be used for blog posts or other article marketing. Unfortunately, they often find their money has been wasted.

Sure, the sales pages makes it look like their software is the Holy Grail when it comes to creating unique and keyword rich articles. They all promise article writing with little or no effort whatsoever. Many of these even promote that the articles created will improve your site’s ranking on the search engines.

Content Creation Software Sounds Amazing But Is It Really?

content creation software saleI find it amazing the claims that some of these promoters make just to suck the money out of your pocket. Many will claim they have a “special algorithm” or “unique technology” built into their software that can create distinctive, unduplicated content just by entering some keywords and pressing a button.

I will probably get some flak from programmers and affiliate marketers for this but the truth is, software just is not yet smart enough to write a complete, coherent article that looks like a human wrote it. The technology just isn’t here yet. So, don’t be fooled by their outrageous claims. Here are just a few of the claims I have seen recently:

Product A:  “The first ever piece of software that automates 100% of your content creation.”

Product B:  “In just seconds, create laser targeted, high quality content search engines love…”

Product C: “Generate content for your backlinks within seconds”

For access to this software, you could easily spend several hundred dollars just to find out that it does not work nearly as promised. Or, just as bad, you have to spend hours and hours rewriting the article produced by the software. So before you invest in such miracle software, do a Google search and you’ll find many who are severely disappointed with their purchase.

I took a serious look at some of the most popular content creation software programs among online marketers and discovered they all have one thing in common. They essentially “re-write” or “spin” other people’s web content in an attempt to make it look unique and written by a human. Yet since it is machine, what you get most of the time is low quality, incoherent nonsense that needs to be re-written anyway. Thus, the time you “saved” in not writing the article is actually lost again. Thus, now you have lost money AND time.

Google Just Doesn’t Like Content Creation Software.

content creation software googleThese days, Google is smart enough to recognize spun content and who the original author is. Once Google notices that you are using spun content, they will remove your blog site from their search results. Thereby, pretty much guaranteeing you will never be found when a prospect types in the search phrase or keyword you are trying to rank for.

Get it straight from Google here –

Unfortunately, the sales pages for content creation software appeals to the uninformed marketer. The marketer who is trying to find a shortcut to riches. Buying and using software like this for your blog posts is more likely a shortcut to getting de-indexed by Google.

So far, there is no Content Bot that can generate unique, human readable content in seconds that will skyrocket your blog rankings. It comes down to using the good, old fashioned human brain. People (and Google) want to read articles written by a person not a robot.  And the search engines have responded by changing their algorithm over the past few years to recognize that.

Also, Google ranks content by how popular the content is on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The more your content is read, liked and shared will affect how well it is ranked on Google. Copied or otherwise unreadable content will not get liked and shared, thus, negatively affecting your site.

Does this mean, you have to commit the time, energy and resources to create fresh, unique content for your blog on a consistent basis? Not necessarily. Hiring a ghostwriter to create unique content for you can be a solution. Read more about how to hire a ghostwriter here – How To Write About Your Business Without Ever Typing a Word.

A ghostwriter will create 100% original articles or blog posts specifically customized to your business. You can focus on building your business in other ways and let the writing be done by an expert ghostwriter.

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