4 Compelling Reasons You Need a Ghostwriter For Your Blog

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Why would you consider hiring a ghostwriter when you can create content for your blog or website for free? There may be several answers to that question. Here are just a few:

1. Time

Most business owners simply do not have the time to consistently add fresh, new content to their blog. Having fresh content added to your blog daily or weekly, actually increases business exposure and web presence. Also, as explained in this article How To Write About Your Business Without Ever Typing a Word, your current and potential customers are expecting new information whenever they visit your blog site. Finding only outdated content, they quickly lose interest and often do not come back. Having a ghostwriter provide new articles or posts consistently will keep them coming back and doing business with you.

2. Writing Skills

While its true that if you can read, you can write. Yet, do you have the skill to write in a style that is entertaining, fits your customers needs, and keeps their attention?  If not, then this skill will take some time to learn and lots of practice. So until you have the time and motivation to learn, you need to consider hiring a ghostwriter who is already skilled to write content for you.

3.  Clear, Concise Information

A confused mind says “no.” Some industries have products or services that may be somewhat confusing to the average consumer. Or, they may use industry language that is unfamiliar to anyone outside that business. A ghostwriter can use your ideas, personality, and industry jargon to create articles that communicate to your blog readers in a clear, concise way. If customer has a clear understanding of what you do or your product, they will be more likely to do business with you.

4. Saves Money

Some business owners fear that hiring a ghostwriter will cost too much money. Yet, in fact, it will save money. As the old adage says, “time is money.” While you are spending 2-3 hours a day researching and writing, you could be using that time building and growing your business in other ways, like social media. Even though you are paying a ghostwriter, you will certainly make it back through increased business exposure.

Although it is entirely possible to create your own content for free as long as you have the time and the skill. Yet, hiring a ghostwriter is a very common practice among business owners. Many have found that hiring a ghostwriter not only saves them time and frustration but also helps them gain and keep more customers.

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