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3 Reasons Why Your Business Must Blog To Not Only Thrive But Survive

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With the explosion of video marketing and social media strategies, you have to wonder if blogging is still relevant to your marketing strategy. Actually, it is still a very viable and reliable way to increase website traffic and social media interaction as well as build customer relationships.

The following are 3 important reasons why blogging is not only still pertinent but essential to your company’s survival.

1.       Increasing web traffic – By posting fresh and keyword relevant content posted to your blog on a regular basis gets the attention of the search engines. By getting indexed and highly ranked by Google or Bing, your potential customers find you first instead of your competition.

2.       Social Media Interaction – Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter already get a ton of traffic and every business must have a presence on them. By posting links to your blog articles from your social media account, your customers or prospects get information about your company, product or service. If they find your content helpful or informing, they have the ability to ‘like’ and share your content with others. This is almost the same as a free endorsement of you, thus building credibility and authority.

3.       Build Customer Relationships –By connecting directly with your blog, a customer can find information or get questions answered about your product or service. Well written blog posts help establish your company as a knowledgeable source of information for your industry. Blog readers begin to like and trust you and your company which is part of the decision process to ultimately buy from you.

Still not convinced that blogging is essential to your business marketing plan? Take a look at these statistics.

– 81% of online readers trust blogs (Source: BlogHer)

– 61% make purchases based on a blog’s recommendation (Source: BlogHer)

– 67% more leads are generated by businesses who consistently post new blog content than by those who do not (Source: InsideView)

– Businesses that blog at least 20 times per month get 5 times more traffic than those who blog less than 4 times per month (Source: Hubspot)

As you can see, blogging is still an important marketing strategy. Post new and relevant content to your blog on a consistent basis will not only bring you new customers but also keep the ones you have coming back.

Having trouble creating fresh, new content for your blog on a consistent basis? Maybe you can hire a ghostwriter to help. Discover the 4 reasons  this is an absolute must for your business – 4 Compelling Reasons You Need a Ghostwriter For Your Blog.

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